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CamSoft, a leader in Innovation and Experience

CamSoft Corporation has been in the CAD/CAM business since 1981. In 1991, CamSoft developed and began manufacturing PC based CNC machine tool controller software. Since then we have came up with some of the most innovative and ground breaking ideas since the CNC was invented. One of the most innovative advancements CamSoft has accomplished was to marry CAD/CAM graphics with an Open architecture servo or stepper motor motion control CNC operator interface, with 3D tool compensation at the CNC controller. It is the next logical step for the CNC machining industry -- Graphics to Motion, Picture to Part - thus eliminating G code or post processor problems. The animation is solid modeled in real-time as the machine cuts. To date, we are the only manufacturer to achieve this functionality.

Our most recent accomplishment in our PC based machine tool controller software (entitled CNC Professional) is the ability to do 8 axes of simultaneous coordinated motion. We also manufacture two lighter versions of our CNC Professional entitled CNC Plus and CNC Lite for personal computers, which are far less expensive for price conscious retrofitters and OEMs and less robust than our CNC Professional. In 1999 we released our latest PC based "Graphical Operator Interface" software package geared toward the engineer that does not want to program using C++, Visual Basic or Ladder logic. The Graphical Operator Interface software is perfect for the general or factory automation machinery market.

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