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The basic concept of CamSoft�s Graphical Operator Interface software is to provide the most flexible link between the user/operator and the motion control card and digital I/O card. This design concept provides the integrator with the means to design his or her own desired operator interface for almost any non-CNC motion control application. For CNC applications see CamSoft's PC-Based CNC Machine Tool Control packages.

We designed this control to be adaptive to your needs. Almost any aspect can be configured right down to your own Logo. Keep in mind that the default interface that initially appears is completely customizable. The software will allow you to add and delete various integrator-defined control components and digital/analog functions without having to have physical hardware buttons, lights or knobs. If you prefer to have physical hardware buttons, lights or knobs, this can be done also.

No PLCs are needed. The software does away with LADDER logic programs. A reduced instruction set of logic commands are provided for the integrator to control the machine's components and motors as well as to react to digital inputs/outputs, analog devices and operator requests. This is done through logic statements placed in editable ASCII files, which can even be changed remotely via a modem.


The most important reason to use CamSoft�s Graphical OI software is the convenience. The entire program structure is already written for you. The driver setup and communication channel to the motion card is already done. No more polling or waiting around. Logic handling can be fired off by events or timers. We have written the complete motion control shell so there is no need to start from scratch. The hard work is done. When a digital I/O is triggered by an event, the system will automatically notify you so that you can run the appropriate logic for the event that just happened.


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