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Advance System 3000
User definable CAD Links

Advance System 3000
Approximately 3600 Combinations

Advance System 3000
3D Geometry

Advance System 3000
Job Planner
Photo-Realistic Job Plan

Advance System 3000
On-Line Documentation
64MEG of On-Line Documentation

Advance System 3000
One Click of the mouse

Advance System 3000
RS232 Terminal
Terminal Communications

Advance System 3000
Tool Library
Photo-Realistic Tool Library

Advance System 3000
Small Learning Curve

Advance System 3000
Powerful Feature-Packed Windows

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AS3000 Level 1
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Level 1 - starting at $1,295

Level 1 is for 2 or 3 axis programming without surfacing for a single machine tool type and includes automatic post processing for either a Mill, Lathe, EDM, Router, WaterJet or Laser.

Powerful CAD drawing features: 23 line features, 15 circle/arc features and point features with direct 3D drawing tools.
Look ahead tool compensation.
CAD links to most popular packages: IGES, AutoCad, DXF, CadKey, Gerber, HPGL, Excellon, CMM, Catia CL and APT.
Multiple graphic viewports each capable of being resized and relocated and having their own zoom factor, rotation and viewable layer.
Smooth out 3D splines and tool paths by only giving a value from 1 to 10.
RS232 DNC Communications - send and receive files from your machine tool while programming your next part.
Choose from up to 700 machine tool off-the-shelf post processors included free.
Graphic post processor that ties together the move that is graphically responsible for a line of G code as it interactively shows you your G code listing.
Insert prompts and questions into your post to ask you questions that can change your G code output and flow while you are posting.
Intelligent Post. (Optional)
Automatically purges redundant geometry and corrects mismatched endpoints within a specified tolerance all without user interaction.
Imports machine code and turns it into geometry as a standard feature.
Allows you to incorporate photos, user notes, vendor information, time reports, tooling information and verbal messages into a job plan.
Calculates total job running time and total distance traveled as a standard feature.
Create a job plan that contains part and vendor names, due dates, quantities, materials needed, tooling list, fixture information and photos.
Create your own extensive scanned photo-realistic tool libraries that calculate your feed and speed.
Automatic Visual Roughing for a Mill.
Phone & Modem Support for 1 year    
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