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Advance System 3000
AS3000 v8
Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows

Multiple Viewports
Simultaneously view your part in different planes

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Level 30 - starting at $17,995

Level 30 Plus, adds a Premium IGES translator for an additional $895

Level 30 includes all the Level 20 features with the addition of features that support 5 axis simultaneous machine tools.

Create 5 axis programs from wireframes without the need of a surface.
Cut 5 axis tool paths using inverse time calculations for feed rate to automatically and efficiently move your tool as fast as possible or as slow as needed.
Visually jog your tool in all 5 axes like a video game to update and revise the coordinates of the G code program.
On screen teaching mode that allows creation of a program by visually moving your tool and accepting 5 axis tool positions at certain points.
Cut a tapered pocket in 5 axis using the SIDE of the cutter.
Directly import Boeing and Lockheed Catia APT files that pass 90% more information than IGES or SLA files.
Control 5 axis simultaneous motion by drawing directional vectors that point the head in the 4th & 5th axis.
Automatically adjust for material thickness to reposition the focal point of the tool to the correct new coordinates to compensate for thickness of the part.
Optimize the swinging head movement to take the shortest route to get the most efficient travel from the 5th axis head.
Break the rotational limits of your 5 axis head automatically if the head passes the mechanical limits. (Optional)
Set rotational limits for your 5th axis head on any portion of the tool path to invoke "look around" that prevents crashes into fixtures and work pieces.

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