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Advance System 3000
AS3000 v8
Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows

Multiple Viewports
Simultaneously view your part in different planes

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Standard Features


Multiple Viewports - simultaneously view your part in different planes or work on more than one part at a time.
Extensive scanned photo-realistic tool library and job plan.
Supports high-resolution shaded and rendered graphics using up to 16 million colors.
Record your voice to save verbal job notes and instructions.
Contains a graphical, event-driven, user-customizable post processor.
Over 700 off-the-shelf post processors to choose from.
There are five levels of AS3000: Level 1, Level 5, Level 10, Level 20 and Level 30. The higher the level, the more feature rich and robust.
Levels 5 and higher contain a mill and lathe simulator that is upgradeable to 5 axis containing dozens of features such as zoom, pan, light source, step-by-step, tapered tools, tool holder definitions and more.
100% Buy Back Policy if you wish to upgrade to a higher level of Advanced System 3000 at a later time.

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