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Advance System 3000
AS3000 v8
Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows

Multiple Viewports
Simultaneously view your part in different planes

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Level 20 - starting at $13,995

Level 20 Plus, adds a Premium IGES translator at an additional $795

Advanced System 3000, Level 20 includes all the Level 10 features with the addition of over 20 automatic 3D surfacing features and mathematical, multiple solid surfaces.

Advanced surface gouge protection. Protects from driving the tool in places it cannot fit by using a 360 degree look around approach at every tool position.
The tool will ride up and over any obstacles in the way or omit the move if the tool dips into an area it cannot fit.
Solid Cut feature which enables one-step tool driving and 3D compensation over 3D solid models.
3D paths are create using 2D contours that slice the part in the Z axis by stepping up or down.
User-defined containment areas around the surface edges for better control over the cutting area.
Define Ball, Bull Nose, Tapered and even Bull Nose tapered cutters that will check for gouges even on the taper.
Create mold cavities and pockets by question and answer without drawing a thing.
Individually bend, twist or modify an axis by any amount and shape.
3D filleted surfaces that allow you to crease and fillet a single surface in one step - not two individual surfaces.
One step tool path projection onto a 3D surface that trims the surface and projects at the same time.
Multi-surface machining in one step that automatically cuts everything on the screen it sees with full 3D tool compensation.
Surfacing features include: Lofted, Coons Patching, 3D Surface Roughing, 3D Filleting, Trimming, Projection, Interference Checking, Driving the Intersection of Two Surfaces, Redirecting the tool path flow to any direction and Slicing a Surface into 2D Z Steps.
Create a tool path without a surface with any combination of a top view, XZ and YZ side view or cross section.

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