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Artificial Intelligence for your G-Code

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CamSoft's Machine Tool Controller with SmartPath 

CamSoft's PC-Based Machine Tool Controller software is now available with SmartPath. SmartPath is Patent Pending Proprietary Technology unique to CamSoft. SmathPath is an intelligent tool path optimizer that will automatically adjust feedrates, accel rates and decel rates based on a set of rules and spindle torque defined on the SmartPath screen. Over 80 personal preference profiles can be saved to recall different cutting conditions of materials, vendors, machine types or user preferences. There are over 175 easy to use settings and parameters on a single screen to configure your preferences with fill-in-the-blank values or check boxes. No extra programming is necessary. SmartPath is easy to configure and once set up for your application does not need any further user input. SmartPath automatically pre-processes your original G code while the machine tool is loading it into memory. The end result will be an optimized G code program ready to run based on the rules and options you selected on the SmartPath setup screen. Efficiency and cut quality are readily noticed. The finish is always better, the corners are always sharper and by automatically reducing the feedrate or velocity at just the right time, the machine runs smoother without any jerky motions and overall stress caused by sudden change of directions. As the spindle loads up, the feedrate is automatically decreased. As the machine turns a sharp corner, the velocity is decelerated into the corner and then accelerated out smoothly. When a spline is detected, a special algorithm goes into effect creating a very smooth finish. You may create a library of personal preference profiles of cutting rules for each material or part thickness for others to use. While SmartPath is great for all types of machinery, water jet and laser part programmers may choose to never enter a feedrate. The machine will always cut as fast as it can regardless of the geometry or material being cut since SmartPath sets and adjusts the feedrates every 60 milliseconds.


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