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Standard Features
8 simultaneous and coordinated axes for any machine type
Wire frame or Solid modeled color graphics show cuts in real time
Configurable operator screen with high-resolution solid modeled graphics
Several operator interfaces to choose from or create your own for most machine types
User-customizable interface for designing the look and feel of the operator screen 
Customize your own G & M codes with a graphical ICON-driven logic editor
22 new G code canned cycles for all types of machine tools
3D and 5-axis tool compensation on the machine controller
Dynamic feedrate option that automatically adjusts feedrate based on spindle load
Dynamic read-ahead abilities that can look ahead your entire program length
Proven and dependable motion card serves as a dual processor for speed and safety
Cutting feedrate velocities of up to 122,000 IPM
62.5 millionth of a second servo update time per axis
Extremely fast block processing time
Fastmode allows huge programs with small moves to execute fast
Feedrate optimizing and filtering routines for accel/decel and fillets
Visually click on the tool path with a mouse or touch screen to restart the program anywhere
We now offer the machine tool controller with SmartPath
Dual motion operations can be performed simultaneously for tool changers, ect.
Change velocity and direction based on spindle torque, voltages and encoders
Includes Advanced System 3000 Level 1 Multimedia 3D CAD/CAM Software
Solid modeled tool animation as the machine is cutting in real time
Seamless marriage of our CAD/CAM system and motion. No G code is necessary
Detailed printed and multimedia-based, on-line documentation included
Instant multimedia help with synthesized voice, high-resolution photos and movies
Complete multimedia features of photos and 40,000 word speech vocabulary
Interactive technical support and remote viewing, via a modem, directly to CamSoft
Detailed printed 500 page tutorial and 400 page controller documentation
Real-time gauge meter displays to view and react to torque, RPM and voltage
3D Fixture compensation will tilt your program based on 3 points
Mid-program start reads previous blocks to pick up offsets, tools, speeds and feeds
No physical PLCs or ladder logic necessary. A visual logic process editor in included
Total desktop logic simulation mode tests and emulates machine operation virtually
Mix and match virtual controls with physical hardware buttons, knobs and switches
Multimedia job planner with part photos, vendor information and process sheet
Automatic maintenance reminders tell you when to check filters, belts, oil levels, etc.
DXF, IGES, Gerber, HPGL, Cadkey and Solids translators can be converted into axes motion
Turn CAD files, surfaces, solid models and bitmapped photographs into axis motion
Complete diagnostic features with automatic servo tuning software
Advanced diagnostic software and watch windows
Remote machine monitoring and viewing. Control your machine from a remote location
Desktop machine logic and virtual simulation test mode
- Full API using ActiveX , DLL and RS232 access to the controller while it is running
E-mailable parameter files allow a visual view of all your parameters and machine logic
Settable preferences with feature access limits
Interruptible cut in progress with backup
High-speed precision rigid tapping and lathe threading
Crash barriers for fixtures, chucks and tooling
120 Tool parameter library with machine, tool and fixture offsets
Add math calculations and variables inside your G code program
NURBS and CUBIC based spline G codes
Mouse Jog, Jog to exact table position graphically with mouse
Dry-run Mode
Absolute Mode
Incremental Mode
Distance yet to go
Suspend and Resume
Interruptible cut in progress with backup
Lock Axes, I/O Inputs and M codes
Decelerated stops when you want them
Constant Surface Feed for Lathes
Reverse spindle direction
High-speed precision rigid tapping and lathe threading
Exact stop checking and smoothing
Arc centers can be absolute, incremental or radius centers
Inch and millimeter mode
Gantry ready master and slave axis union
Configurable SPC reports
History files for diagnostic purposes
Network compatible
Calculate elapsed idle, spindle and job running times
Backlash comp
Lead Screw comp
Part counter
IF THEN Conditional branching or processing
Read or set any digital I/O
Conditional I/O logic
Teach or digitize 
Renishaw series SP2 probe driver for high speed probing & digitizing
Definable Block skip character
ASCII customizable logic text files
Password protection and feature access limits
Tool Life management
One year Maintenance/Support 

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