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Now with Fast Mode

FASTMODE is an optional parameter to be used with CamSoft's spline feature for 3D mold making machining centers, lasers and routers. The new command reads far ahead in the G code program to break down and place movements in the motion card's memory buffer ahead of time. Therefore, as the CPU on the computer is reading ahead and breaking down the G code program, the onboard 32 bit servo processor is closing the servo loop at a rate of up to 16 Khz independently of the computer's CPU. Thus both operations happen simultaneously using dual micro processors.

Take at look at CamSoft's SmartPath feature that will read ahead to automatically interject new velocities and decel rates based on a set of rules that are user defined.

Click Here for info on SmartPath

3D mold makers benefit by executing large files quickly with moves that average between .001 and .025 on splines. Laser and Router OEMs can now crank through curvey patterns with look ahead and finally have an affordable PC based controller that will keep up and beat the competition with an open CNC controller that they can service, repair and maintain themselves.

Be careful, not all the PC based controllers on the market today use a 32 bit dual processor design with a sizable on-board memory buffer. Not all motion cards have a separate micro processor or huge buffers. These cards use the same CPU that is running Windows or DOS to close the servo loop to your motors. Some even run another operating system over Windows. There are still others using 12 bit DACs at servo update rates of only 1 Khz.


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